Type 2       
Lower your glucose and A1C
Reduce or eliminate medications
Explode your energy and motivation
Lose weight without exercise
Our comprehensive, tested, unique approach helps you 
Overcome Type 2 Diabetes

            There are three key components to truly reversing type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, I have yet to see an approach that addresses all three.  In fact, the standard approach strikes out on all three.  If you are a logical person, after reading this page, you will know I am being straight with you.  You will also know if you could be helped.

          I probably know your story.  Why?  Because, I have consulted with thousands of diabetics.  Most people get diagnosed, then labeled as a diabetic.  Then  you are prescribed medications, like a recipe, and you are treated like a number... your A1C number.    You probably saw a dietician, learned how to test yourself and were told to come back in six months.  Each visit to your doctor brought higher doses or more drugs and you heard the mantra to diet, lose weight and exercise. I know your frustration.  I get it.  You did everything you were told to do, but you just kept getting worse.  Eventually, the realization hits...that the complications are real and they 
are going to happen.  Perhaps for you,  the complications have already happened, you lost your energy and will, perhaps you had a stroke or heart attack, or your kidneys are going and then your hope is gone.
          Don't give up.  Read it all... 

          For years, type 2 diabetes has been known to be a reversible syndrome.  You have probably seen this.  There are dozens of  books, hundreds of studies and doctors on TV reporting this truth.  So why aren't all doctors doing this?   Sadly, it's because the standard drug approach is entrenched upon most doctors.  They have to follow 'standard protocols,' which are developed by physicians from the pharmaceutical  industry.  They have to, even if they do know better, because following this 'standard-of-care' affords them medical-legal protection.  
          Second, the real cause of type 2 diabetes is not high blood sugar. Yes, you heard that right! The truth is that type 2 diabetes routinely develops from Metabolic Syndrome, a condition in which you no longer 'burn' energy efficiently.  You may know this as 'pre-diabetes'. As your metabolism fails, energy depletes, blood pressure rises, blood sugars yo-yo, weight piles on and organs start their predicted decline.  Once your blood sugar average rises to a point where you get labelled as diabetic,  it's because blood sugars at this level damage the blood vessels and cause vascular complications: stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, amputation and blindness. What is super frustrating for me is that even with the current drug therapy protocols, these complications are now just expected for diabetics.
           So let's look at type 2 diabetes differently for a moment.  Think of your high blood sugar as a warning indicator... it's like the 'check engine' light on your car dash. As you know, there are many problems that could cause that light to go on.  It is exactly the same with type 2 diabetes.  If you have had diabetes very long, you have seen your blood sugars rise when you are ill or really stressed.  Because illness and stress cause inflammation and inflammation causes chemical changes that raise blood sugar.  Persistent inflammation IS the cause.  It is also at the root of most all chronic conditions.  So blood sugar itself is not the's the effect. 
            Besides stress and illness, there are numerous metabolic factors that cause persistent inflammation that make your blood sugars rise.  Sadly, these causes are neglected and not tested under your current model of care.  Why?  Because 'medicine' treats disease as a simple problem...high blood sugar; and this disease is diagnosed by only a few simple tests.  One of these tests, A1C,  becomes the indicator for which drugs you will be prescribed. 
           So if inflammation is the cause, why not just take an anti-inflammatory?  Good thinking, but each of these metabolic inflammatory factors requires its own specific 'formula' to quench the fire and anti-inflammatories do not do that.
          Read carefully: THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM!  These underlying, undetected inflammation issues continue to erode your health!  
          Third: Often, these underlying issues are bigger risk factors for cardiovascular disease and other complications than even the high blood sugarSo WHY are these inflammatory issues not checked?  That is a great question, so let me explain the true answer. 

             Hi I am Dr Michael Pierce and I do what is called ‘Functional Medicine’.  It is a way of treating chronic illness, a paradigm that is learned by all pedigrees of doctors: MD's, DO's, DC's, ND's, LAc's, NP's, all that can provide primary care.  If you watch PBS on TV you have seen many celebrity Functional Medicine doctors. They talk about breakthroughs for healthy living to overcome common chronic conditions.  I have met many of them at the Functional Medicine conferences I have attended since 1992. Many of these doctors work with specific conditions like arthritis, or brain health or osteoporosis.  My passion is helping type 2 diabetics. (See 'my story' to learn why.)
           The Functional Medicine approach analyzes the wide spectrum underlying inflammatory issues.  Each person has a unique pattern of these inflammatory issues which leads to their development of Type 2 Diabetes.  These factors could be: modifiable genetic factors (called epigenetics), toxicity, hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, poor digestion, infections, poor diet, lifestyle factors, stress, immune and autoimmune issues and many more.  Thankfully, science has shown that these underlying inflammatory issues can each be handled with unique personalized dietary modification AND with physician-grade nutrients targeted to improve each specific inflammatory dysfunction.  This type of care takes more time than just prescribing  drugs; it is practiced by caring, dedicated, passionate providers.
            Using this approach, the results we see for Type 2 Diabetics are: 
  • Lower and stable blood sugars and A1C
  • Reduced or eliminated medications
  • Remarkably increased energy
  • Weight loss without exercise or calorie restriction
  • Eating without worry of rising blood sugars
  • Identifying and correcting the real underlying causes as proven on follow-up laboratories
  • Reducing the proven risks for complications
  • AND achieving partial or full remission from Type 2 Diabetes
  • and flat out, just feeling GREAT.

If this makes sense to you


"I’ve been at the Wellness Forum for about 8 weeks now and I’ve noticed a lot of changes. My A1C was 11.2 when I came here and now I’m down in the high sixes and I’m looking forward to see what’s coming next. My energy level is up and my weight is down, which is really nice. I’ve lost 50 pounds. It’s just been an incredible ride. The attention to detail has been great, the staff has been awesome and you should give it a try.  [A few weeks later… ]  I just got my labs back and I’ve never thought in a million years that I’ll have a 5.1 A1C, which is unbelievable. When I started the program, I was over 11. And I’ve also lost almost 70 pounds… Yes!         So, this has just been an incredible ride and I’m just curious to where it’s going to end." Bill H.

"My results have been surprising and very pleasing. My cholesterol has gone down 600 points; triglycerides has gone down 3,300 points and average blood sugar has gone down 180 points. I feel much more energetic. Dr. Pierce has been very good at offering the proper combination of supplements and direction with diet that have increased my energy level and my outlook on life. If you’re not feeling that good, Dr. Pierce is your man." Lacy D.

"My name is Mary and I started the program in February and I basically thought I was going to die.  My blood sugars were high in the 270’s and 300’s.  I felt twice my age and I could barely get to work.  Since I started, my A1C has gone down from 10.7 to 7.7 [6 weeks].  I’m testing now between 115 and 120. My energy level is just incredible.  I’m not overwhelmed and I could keep up with all my young colleagues.  I used to have a lot of neuropathy.  Now I don’t feel any pain and I only get tingling if I have been up on my feet for 15 hours or so.  It’s just been a wonderful experience and they are so supportive." Mary B. 

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